3 Ways to Make Money Online With OR Without any skills

Everybody is trying to make money online these days. Everybody is behind some kind of secret sauce to make money online. Here's a list you can explore to make some cash online and be your own boss.

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1. Affiliate/Niche Marketing

This is method is quite simple(but NOT easy). There are generally three main steps people use:
1. Find a Hot Topic i.e. Niche in which lot of people are interested in and spend money on. It can be a problem lot of people face, example acne or weight loss, or it can be a hobby like golf or cricket.

2. Build a website/blog on that particular topic. Do SEO and build audience.

3. Promote affiliate products to the audience of your blog.

Best resource on this is NicheHacks.com by Stuart Walker.

2. Android Apps for Money

This method is also very simple. You just make an app and make it AS POPULAR AS YOU CAN.
I'll not waste your time and just point to a real life example who is currently making $6000 per month that is a whopping 3.5 Lakh Indian rupees.

Read How Ankit made an Android app which made him millions in cash.

3. Freelance 

This is the easiest method(But not that simple!). Find something you are good at and then charge people for your services. There are literally thousands of potential services out of which something you can offer and a rapidly increasing demand for services.
What you offer can be anything from typing out some data to making a website for someone. The potential is unlimited.


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