6 critical tips to protect your computer from malware and hackers

Today let’s discuss on how to protect your computer from latest cyber-threats and the potential hackers and malware that are always around you.
Following are some tips that will substantially help you to protect your PC from various threats.
Computer security guide

Back up your important data

Backing up all the important data in your PC to an external hard drive is a very good idea to protect it in case of any physical or software damage to your PC.

Stay away from malicious websites and software

  • Look at the word “https//:” in the address bar before entering your credit card details, password or checking your e-mail.
  • Never click on the links sent via e-mail by any website. You can go to the website directly instead.
  • Never download attachments or click on links that are from the e-mails from unknown or suspicious people.

Avoid sharing sensitive information online

No matter which website you are on, you have to be very much cautious and while sharing sensitive data online.

Use the most effective passwords

Using a weak password can turn out to be a very big mistake for you.

Examples of weak passwords: “123456”,”iloveyou”,”password”,”passw0rd”,”your name, birth date or any of your personal info”.

Use passwords that contain combination of uppercase, lowercase letters and symbols.
Keep the passwords only in your head and change them frequently.

Update the OS.

I know OS patch update is a headache but you must do it whenever there is an opportunity because update patches are released to improve the security flaws and vulnerabilities of the software.

Have a strong antivirus software

Last but not the least is having a strong and effective antivirus/antimalware. Don’t go for free software. Instead go for premium and reputed brand. 


These tips are very much simple to follow yet very much effective. If there’s a point that I have missed then feel free to comment below and ask your doubts if any.

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  1. Heyy Nitin,
    Very ultimate ways to protect our computer from hacks. Thanks for sharing this ultimate guide.

    Have a great day

    1. Great to see you on my blog Nikhil. Keep visiting.

      Thanks :)

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