Top 4 reasons why your facebook account is unsafe and may get hacked

Since Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, there any many risks of privacy invasion and hacking in Facebook.

Here is a short list of how your privacy and online security is at risk and some measures to prevent them.


1. You don’t see the address bar before typing your password.

Phishing is the easiest method used by hackers to obtain anybody’s password.

If you don’t know about this method, let me tell you this method fools the victim to believe that it’s a login page of a website whereas it’s a website created by hacker.

The only way to prevent getting hacked by this method is that you should always look at the address bar before entering your password.
This is how a phishing website looks.

Facebook phishing site screenshot

2. You are obsessed with facebook apps.

Facebook is filled with innumerable apps that a very much tempting and you think of giving them a try! But the problem with these apps is that  you can’t tell that these apps won’t misuse your information and hack your account.

If you remember, then these apps ask you for permissions something like
“1. Access your personal information, friends list , etc.
2. Post on your behalf
3. Blah!blah!blah” 

If you know English I don’t need to tell you what this means.
You can only hope that these apps won’t misuse your personal information and the permissions given by you unless you completely trust the application.

If you have already subscribed to many apps then I suggest you to promptly remove them from your applications.
Here’s the method is following screenshots
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

3. You easily believe anything easily.

Next thing in the list is that you easily believe what is shared on facebook.
If someone guarantees to do something that is seemingly impossible. Then it’s false and you’ll end up in a phishing site or a malware (Malicious Software) .

A few general things you need you know is :

1.     You can never know who views your profile because it is against the policies of Facebook. All the applications claiming to do so are fake .
2.     There is no website or software in the world which can hack anybody’s account by just entering his/her Facebook Id or something. These softwares are created by hackers to hack your account.
3.     There is no way you can get thousands of friend requests or followers very short time.

4. Last but not least, you chose an easy password

The most easy and popular way to hack an account is to guess the victims password.

You are easily vulnerable if you keep your password something like
“password, 123456 , your phone number, birthdate, and other such common passwords”

It is advised that your password must be combination of uppercase and lowercase letters with special symbols and numbers  in it..

 5. Your turn now:

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