How to identify Fake accounts in Facebook

Fake Accounts of Facebook are irritating and sometimes even dangerous for everyone. You never know but their purpose might be just beyond playing a prank on you. It is always better to stay away from fake profiles as much as possible.
facebook fake profile

Below are a few tips to identify fake profiles easily.

The username

Check if the username of the profile contradicts with the name of the person.

For example, if the name of the person is "Tia Sharma" and its username is then it is definitely fake

 The Profile picture

If profile picture look like a real person check it out in the "Google image search"  . Just download the photo and then upload it to Google image search. If the search returns some websites then it is possible that the picture is taken from internet. 

Timeline information

Check for the following information on its timeline:

Does it contain photos of real people apart from celebrities?
Is it tagged in any of the photos of friends?
Does that person update his/her status or comments on other people’s?
Does comments on his/her profile look like real people?

Final words

These were some incredibly simple tips to identify fake accounts. It is recommended that you do not add fake profiles in your friends list.
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  1. Heyy Nitin.
    OMG !! Is the blog really powered by blogger? It looks so professional !!

    BTW very effective tips to identify fake accounts on facebook. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks. Nikhil. I am very happy you commented on my blog.

  2. Hey Nitin
    Thanks for resolving a big problem of Facebook users where they daily come across fake account holders and many times face lot of problems after adding them. This is more sensitive for those who do online jobs on social media while staying at home with their families. Thanks for sharing such a useful post.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog.

      Yeah ! This is really a big problem and is increasing day by day but by using these techniques one can easily detect fake accounts.


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