6 Reasons To Start A Blog Today

Blogging! Some people say it is dead. Is it? I don't think so. Blogging will never die. Why? Because there will always be people who want to write something they know about. And there will always be people who will want to read things written by others. That's human nature.

Many people are getting into blogging and I think Right Now is the perfect time to jump in. Here are the reasons why you should consider starting a blog.

Start a blog today

1. Enhance writing skills

That is right. Nobody is born a great writer. Great content comes through practice. A lot of it. What can be a better option than blogging to practice writing daily and consistently?

2. Enhance your communication

Are you a person with strong opinions? Do you dare to think differently than the crowd? With blogging you can learn express your opinions in a strong and convincing way.

3. Become an expert in your field

As with writing. Nobody is born an expert in any field. Becoming an expert needs studying your subject and sharing of knowledge. If you are an active blogger then you can have an edge over your peers in this.

4. Be popular 

Being popular for good reasons isn't going to harm you. It brings you with a hosts of benefits. Some of which are discussed below.

5. Enhance your career

Whether you are in a business or a regular job. This is the side effect of popularity, expertise and great communication. You can land a fantastic job. Or, get more business opportunities than your competitors.

6. Make money and quit your job?

Everybody loves making money, don't you? Apart from the above benefits, blogging can open an entire new door for your career. Many full time bloggers earn anywhere between  $3000 per month to $10k per month. There are lot of ways you can make an extra income from your blog.


There are a lot of other things you can get out of blogging. Share your point of views in the comments below. Don't forget to share this on social media.



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