Boost up your computer speed by using your pen drive as a RAM (step by step guide)

For all those people who have been experiencing slow computer speed because of low random access memory. I bring to you the step by step guide to boost your pc's performance by using your pen drive as Ram.

Things that you need:

1. An empty pen drive (not less than 2 GB. preferably 4 GB)
2. An extra USB slot in your PC.

 Procedure for windows XP :

1. Insert your empty pen drive into your extra USB slot.
Wait till it's shown into "My Computer".
Note: If pen drive is not empty, then delete all the stuff in that pen drive first.

2. Right-click on my computer and go to "properties"

3. now, go to advanced tab and click on "settings" that is located just below "performance".

4. Go to "advanced" tab and then click on "change" button that is located below the "Virtual memory".

5. Select your USB drive and set "initial size=1020" and "Maximum size=1020". This can be set according to the free size in your pen drive.

6. Click on "apply" and then "OK". Now you'll be notified to restart your computer for the changes to take place.
7. after restart. Enjoy the new lightning fast speed of your pc.
Note: don't remove your pen drive now directly otherwise it’ll create a problem.

Procedure for windows 7 or 8:

Procedure for windows 7/8 is slightly different from that of XP as it has a feature called Readyboost for this purpose.
use pen drive as ram screenshot

1.   Insert your pen drive as usual.
2.   Once it’s shown in “My Computer”, right-click and go to properties.
3.   Click on "Readyboost" tab and click on "use this device".
4. Select the maximum memory it can give to the computer.
5. Click on "apply" and "OK"

An Alternate method:

If above method does not work. An alternative method is also available
This alternate method uses software named Eboostr for the same purpose.
You just need to download Eboostr(Download Link) and follow the procedure in it.
Using Eboostr you can use up to 4 pen drives as your ram.

Your Turn:

Don't forget to share this amazing trick with all your friends. Throw your alternate suggestions or doubts in the comment box below! 



  1. That's cool and all but... Flash based memory sticks are useless after like 100k rewrites. RAM are used for a lot of operations the whole time the computer is running.
    Wouldn't this method kill your pen-drive in few months? even weeks? I don't know. It sounds very unstable for me...

    1. Yes , you are right. But This method is to be used only for a temporary boost in computer speed.As a matter of fact, A pen drive cannot be used as a permanent RAM.

      By the way, Thanks for leaving your valuable comment here.

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