Top 4 Reasons why Linux is better than Windows.

Before starting the list, I'll attempt to explain why Windows is the most used operating system in personal computers:

"Before I started using Linux, I always thought that Windows is the best OS for personal computer since is used by majority of PC users.
But then I thought why 91.67% of us still use Windows when there are much better options?"

The answer I found out was that we are using Windows because we are used to it. we started using Windows in our childhood and we don't want a change.

If you give a 10 year old kid Linux OS from the first day. Then I guarantee he'll hate Windows later on."

So, here is the list why Linux is better OS than Windows:
Linux Vs Windows

1. Linux is free

Installing Windows OS in your new pc loosens your pocket by almost $100 or Rs.6000 although we have never paid that amount because of available pirated software.

Buying genuine Windows is necessary if you are using your pc for business purpose. Here Linux is very much useful because its completely FREE!

2. It is virus free

Once I had forgot to update my pc for 1 week. After updating when my PC was scanned it showed, "50 viruses found" and I realized how much Windows is vulnerable to viruses and other PC threats.

In Linux, possibility of getting an antivirus is almost zero. You'll never get any virus in your Linux though I can't guarantee that. Moreover, Linux is much faster and effective than Windows.

3. It is updated regularly

The latest version of Windows is Windows 8. But does anyone know exactly when the next version of Windows will be released? This will be little exaggeration, but I am sure even Bill Gates can't answer this question.

On the other hand Linux releases its new version twice a year without fail. Till now, it has not missed even one deadline to release the update.

4. There is absolutely nothing that Windows can do and Linux can't.

This is a challenge for you! tell me any one thing that Windows can do but Linux can't! Comment below your answer.


Now you know so many advantages of Linux operating system, Why not give it a try? Don't worry about your existing operating system because you can install Linux along without affecting your existing OS.

Did I miss something? 

If I missed a point or you have any questions related to this topic. Feel free to comment.

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  1. dont even compare linux with windows ..linux is the best
    we are just habitual of using windows thats y we r using it...

    1. Hey Rahul,
      You are absolutely right when you say that Linux is much better that windows. The purpose of this post is to spread awareness about Linux to all the computer users.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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