How to improve battery life in android

I got my first android phone about eight months ago which I still use. While this phone is cheap and does the job well for me, one thing that frustrated me was its poor battery life. Only after purchasing the phone I realized that I had traded the battery efficiency for lower price. 

That phone had a mere 1300 mah of battery and lasted mere 5 to 7 hours maximum. So, I did all sorts of things to make it run longer. Below are some tips I have learned during these months. These are tips you can follow without any root. If you root your phone, you can do even more.

Brightness - keep it low

It doesn't require a PhD to know that higher brightness eats up more battery life of the device. So, if you want most out of your battery keep the brightness as low as possible. 
Pro tip:
You can use a screen filter app like bluelight filter to reduce the brightness even further than what is permitted in android. This is especially useful during night time.

Mobile data, Screen Rotation, Sync - Turn off when you don't use

This is also quite obvious thing. Make sure that you keep mobile data on only while using internet. In case you have Wi-Fi in home or office then only keep it on continuously. Otherwise, keep Wi-Fi off. 
There is an Auto-Rotation feature in android. Turn that off when you don’t need them. 

Don't install those battery saving apps

I have found that battery saving apps like battery doctor and DU battery saver are basically useless. They don't save much juice and eat up much more battery than they save.

Don't kill the apps, Greenify them.

Another reason I don't like the traditional battery saving apps is that they rely on old-school methods of killing the apps. It is not only useless, but also counterproductive. Instead of killing apps, you can stop the unwanted apps using Greenify App. Using this app you can stop those apps which are running in the background.

Use black background if you're using AMOLED screen

There are different types of screens that can be used to manufacture smartphones. Most phones used TFT LCD screens. Some Samsung and Micromax phones used AMOLED screens instead. There is a special thing about these phones. The screens of these phones use significantly less battery if the background is black. This happens because the pixels of these screens are lit up only on colored screens and if the screen is black, the pixels aren't lit reducing the amount of battery juice used up by screen. 

So, check if your phone is using AMOLED screen. If it is, use black wallpaper, black or dark background for apps. This can greatly increase battery efficiency.

Final words

These tips will work for most non-rooted android phones. A rooted phone will have even more options to tweak inside the phone to enhance efficiency. But I wouldn't go into much detail in this post. If you liked this post, I urge you to share this on your social media and leave a comment reply below. I would like to here your thoughts. Keep reading for more.


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