ULTIMATE: Top 10 Free WordPress Hosting To Try

I started out blogging with a free blogspot domain and a free theme. Since, it cost nothing to me, I learned the technical things quickly. Similarly the best way to learn wordpress is to get your hands dirty. But there's a tiny problem here. It costs money! 
There is a solution to this problem. That it - Yes, FREE WORDPRESS HOSTING

free wordpress hosting
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So today I bring top 10 hosting providers to you:

Important note:

Before we start, let me be clear. I DO NOT recommend using a free hosting if you want to build a serious blog. Free hosting can be used for learning purposes only. These companies aren't reliable and can significantly harm your blog. If you use it for serious blogging.

What do I recommend?

For serious bloggers who don't have money for hosting, I recommend using blogger itself along with a top level domain which you can get at a cheap rate from godaddy.

Here We Go-

1. Hostinger
2. Freehostia
3. Bytehost
4. Hostawesome
5. Wpnode
6. Biz.nf
7. Zymic
8. 100webspace
9. x10hosting
10. Freehostingnoads

Your Turn

I have tried my best not to leave anything out. But still I invite you to leave a comment below.
What are your views on this topic? 
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